Brooke has always gone above and beyond our weekly lessons, emailing me suggested apps, websites, etc. that would be beneficial to our son given his learning level. My son is on the younger spectrum in his kindergarten class (June birthday). We always questioned whether to hold back or go forward since pre-k. We went forward and his kindergarten teacher wanted to hold him back as of our October meeting (said he was very far behind in reading, writing). We started meeting with Brooke one hour a week. Within 2 months, our son has done a 180, loves to read, write and has confidence in doing so. Brooke has the schooling (Masters in Education) and compassion for kids from ages 4-15 to back up her success. She makes learning fun!!   Her dedication to education has been a HUGE asset to our son’s success. He is moving forward to 1st grade!!!! I would never have believed it when we started out.

Kathy, Parent of a Kindergarten Student