Is your child struggling to become a confident reader? Or are you tired of epic homework battles with your child every evening? Whatever your reasoning to search for a tutor, help is on the way!

At Two Dogs Tutoring, my mission is to provide assessment-driven, individualized instruction for students Pre-K through 5th grade in order to build their skills and their confidence. I offer a variety of services to best meet the differing needs of students and their families.

Subject-Area Tutoring

Tutoring can be extremely beneficial for students that need additional support. The instruction and learning activities that I provide are based on your child’s academic needs and unique learning style. I offer tutoring for students Pre-K-5th grade in a variety of subject areas including math, reading, phonics, writing, spelling, test preparation, homework help, and study skills.

  • Private Tutoring: One-on-one instruction completely customized to your child’s needs.
  • Small Group Tutoring: Groups consist of 2-3 students and are organized by grade-level and/or skill. (scheduled based on availability)
  • Virtual Online Tutoring: By utilizing the program Zoom, tutoring sessions can be held online in the comfort of your own home.
How it Works
  1. Complete the Tutoring Interest Form, which gathers information on your specific tutoring needs.
  2. I will schedule an informational phone call to discuss your child’s academic strengths, areas for growth, and any teacher or parent recommendations.
  3. At this time, customized assessments may be recommended and scheduled to provide further insight into your child’s academic needs. This data is analyzed, along with any additional assessment data from school and/or parent or teacher recommendations, to create a Tutoring Action Plan (TAP).
  4. Once the assessments are complete, an in-person meeting will be scheduled to discuss the TAP, which consists of a detailed analysis of the assessment results, strengths, areas for growth, and a plan for instruction.
  5. Tutoring sessions will be scheduled based on student need and availability.

Georgia Milestone Assessment Test-Preparation

The Georgia Milestone Assessment is a standardized, summative assessment that students begin taking in 3rd grade. The assessment covers a wide variety of challenging skills in reading, writing, and math. You can read more about the Georgia Milestone Assessment here.

We will cover a variety of skills, including:

  • Strategies for answering multiple choice questions
  • Reading stories and articles analytically
  • Writing tips for answering constructed response questions in reading and math
  • Answer and analyze practice assessment questions

Homeschool Help

Do you homeschool your child? Two Dogs Tutoring can help you as well.

As a full-time tutor, I am available during the morning hours to work with children who are homeschooled. I will work closely with you to create a customized curriculum plan that supports your child’s academic needs and reinforces the instruction taking place at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I sign up? Brooke will reach out to you within 24 hours via phone or email.

Where are tutoring sessions held? Tutoring sessions are held at my home in Dunwoody, GA. I have a dedicated “classroom” where tutoring takes place. Parents are always welcome to stay and wait.

How much do tutoring sessions cost? Price may vary depending on the accommodations, however in general, private tutoring sessions cost $45 per hour and small group tutoring sessions cost $35 per hour.

What materials do you use? I use a variety of different educational materials and curriculums to best meet your child’s academic needs. Learning activities are hands-on and interactive. Many materials will be sent home at the end of each tutoring session so that the learning can be reinforced between sessions.

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